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Treated Timber & Farm Buildings

We know how to treat timber.

Our outdoor treated timber complies with New Zealand standards for treatment and we are a licensee of the New Zealand Timber Preservation Council.

We offer four levels of treatment:

  • H3.2 - Timber used outdoors above ground, exposed to weather or protected from the weather but with a risk of water entrapment; i.e. decking, fencing and pergolas.
  • H4 - Used in high decay areas such as ground contact or fresh water. Generally used for fence posts and landscaping timbers.
  • H5 - Used for severe decay hazard risks such as ground contact where conditions of severe or continuous wetting may occur. End uses for this hazard class are house piles and poles, retaining walls, crib walling and horticultural supports.
  • H6 - This hazard class is for marine use. Wharf piles and fenders, marine and jetty components regularly immersed in seawater or estuarine ground.

We treat to all of the above specifications and are one the few sawmills in New Zealand who treat to H6.

Outdoor Timber

Ngahere Sawmilling is able to supply a full range of outdoor treated timber for decks, pergolas, fences and certified H5 house piles.

Farm Buildings

Ngahere Sawmilling is able to supply timber components for farm buildings to your specifications.

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